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Now that we are advised to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we learn to appreciate our air conditioning units in Toowoomba better. Just how could we have endured the summer heat without our air conditioners at home? Our air conditioners provide several advantages to help us cope with the ongoing situation. Firstly, ACs makes our rooms comfortable so we can have a goodnight sleep. With all the recent events, most of us couldn’t help but feel anxious. These triggered anxieties can lead to having a hard time falling asleep. This is when the air conditioner comes handy. The cold temperature at night helps us fall asleep faster and more comfortably. An air conditioner also helps us feel better when we are ill. Getting sick is more difficult in the lights of the ongoing pandemic. Aside from the fear of possibly contracting the virus, sickness can further weaken our immune system. With an air conditioner at home, we can rest well with a cool temperature. The comfort an AC provides for a person with the illness can help in fast recovery. However, as convenient as it is, our air conditioner can pose a threat to our health during this pandemic. To be more precise, a poorly maintained air conditioner can help in the spread of COVID-19.

How is Covid-19 being transmitted?

According to the studies of the World Health Organization (WHO), SARS-CoV-2 or the virus that causes COVID-19 is transmitted primarily through droplets. The droplets from an infected person tend to be pulled by gravity to the ground at some point. However, the droplets containing the virus can be suspended in the air for three hours. This is ample time for transmission by air to be plausible.

Furthermore, the droplets gravitated to the ground can land on surfaces which we often come in contact with such as door handles, tables, sofa, bed, railings, and even walls. SARS-CoV-2 can persist on those surfaces for varying hours.

Some studies found traces of the virus in air ducts. Thus, your air conditioner at home can help transmit the virus to your family.

How do I keep my family in Toowoomba safe?

Air conditioners are essential in Toowoomba homes. Not using your AC to prevent the spread of the virus will not do any good. In reality, the uncomfortable heat will only add to the chance of getting sick. The best option is to ensure that your air conditioner is always clean.

Regular cleaning of your air conditioner will limit the chance of it being a mode of virus transmission. With cleaning comes disinfecting and that would ensure you that the cool air surrounding your home is safe to breathe in.

Should you clean your air conditioner yourself?

We advise that you leave the cleaning of your air conditioner to the experts. Cleaning your AC by yourself can leave strains of dirt where bacteria and viruses thrive. Professional AC contractors have the appropriate tools to do intensive cleaning. They can make your air conditioning as clean and safe as it should be.

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