Our best-selling choice for residential cooling

Split system air conditioners are our most popular products for a reason: they offer the best cooling, energy efficiency, user-friendliness and overall value for money.

The BC & TM Leggatt team have been designing, installing, maintaining and repairing high-quality air conditioning systems throughout Toowoomba for over 35 years. When you choose us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you’ll be getting a reliable, customised system that will just keep going and going.

Split System Air Conditioning: The benefits

Split system air conditioners are so called because they are split into two sections: the indoor air unit and the outdoor compressor unit. They offer a huge number of great benefits, including:

  • Comparatively inexpensive
  • No need for costly ducting – easy installation!
  • Many sizes, designs and configurations to choose from
  • Very compact and quiet to run
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Most offer reverse cycle, handling both heating and cooling

Multi Split System Air Conditioning: The benefits

In addition to split systems, there are also what we call multi head split systems. These are essentially the same as standard split systems, but with one compressor feeding up to eight indoor units.

  • Highly versatile – endless configurations!
  • Fewer unsightly compressors outside
  • Much easier to install than fully ducted systems
  • Easy room-by-room zoning control for efficient, personalised cooling
  • Generally more energy efficient than full ducted systems

Why choose BC & TM Leggatt?

There’s more to choosing an air con than just going to your local electrical retailer and picking one off the shelf. You need to know your home’s heat load, usage characteristics, electrical capacity, and many other factors. At BC & TM Leggatt, we ensure that everything is properly calculated and designed before we start putting holes in your walls!

So, why choose BC & TM Leggatt?

  1. Fast response, low waiting periods
  2. Fully qualified tradesmen – air conditioning is our livelihood, not just a sideline!
  3. Detailed heat load calculation to help choose the right unit
  4. Full warranties and workmanship guarantees
  5. Quality products – no cheap imports
  6. Consult directly with our client before, during and after installation
  7. Proactive approach to problem solving – nothing is too big, small or complicated!
  8. Anywhere around Toowoomba or beyond

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